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Articles about Photography

We have collected and written many good articles about photography. And, have recently found several e-books and video presentations on this subject you can download right to your computer. Please forward any comments or suggestions to me by email.

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General Photography Subjects

Basic Photographic Terms - Do you enjoy taking pictures? Do you wish you knew more about photography? Let’s face it, there are many terms in the photography industry that can make the average person’s eyes glaze over. By knowing the basics, you will be able to know what you’re talking about and most importantly, know what you’re doing. Here is a list of basic photography terms and what they mean:
Secret Weapon - Vaseline - Vaseline does wonders, not only for your skin, but can also help you to create impressionist masterpieces. You can transform just about any subject into something interesting and exiting. ...more
Hitting the Nail on the Head - Hang artwork like a pro to give yourself a gallery at home. Hanging art is not usually a fun chore. You end up making a mess, banging up the walls, and it just doesn’t always end up the way you thought it would. There is no real secret to hanging art, it just requires a little thought and some patience. ...more
Release Your Inner Artist with Giclées - Imagine, if you will, turning your home into a dazzling showcase filled with art from you and your family. Did you know that with the right shade of color on your walls, you could turn the simplest art into a masterpiece? ...more
Tripods and Monopods - Camera shake is virtually eliminated with the use of a tripod...
Using the "Other Half" of Your Camera - Are your photographs as sharp as you would like for them to be?
Why Aren't My Photos Sharp? - One of the most common complaints that people have about their photographs is that the images should be clearer or sharper.
Camera Bags and Cases - For safety, protection and ease of transport, nothing beats a well-built camera and equipment bag. There are bags built for every piece of equipment, accessory and kit, as well as specialty bags such as "fanny packs" and photographer's backpacks.
Travel Tips for your Camera Equipment - Treat your camera like you would a good friend...... If you go into a restaurant or store...let your camera go with you. Some of the best travel photos I have are those while relaxing during lunch or shopping in unusual places...
The Single Lens Reflex (SLR) 35mm Camera - SLR's, or single-lens-reflex 35mm cameras are the choice of most avid amateurs and professional photographers.
Filters for Your Camera Lenses - Filters are used to change the properties of the light before it gets to the film or image sensor of your camera.
A quick lesson about lens focal lengths - When deciding on a new point and shoot camera the first thing after total size is the focal length of the zoom lens...
Fill flash with point and shoot cameras - Tired of dark eyes and harsh shadows in your outside pictures? Most point and shoot cameras available (both film and digital) have the ability to override the auto flash systems.
The Lens/Shutter or Point and Shoot 35mm - Lens/shutter cameras have lenses affixed to the camera body and incorporate the shutter in the lens.
Photographer's Holiday Gift Guide - OK, it is that time again (Holiday Season) and with any luck someone be buying your presents.
The Advantages of Bringing Your Photography to LOW PLACES - When was the last time you and your camera went down to ground level to make an exposure?
A Short Discussion on Photographic Style - Photographic style is a part of photography where individualistic views are allowed to exist. These same views will not always be excepted by everyone.
Slide Projector Quiz - See if you know the answers...

Digital Photography Subjects

Photos to Slide show Movies - What To Do With All Those Photographs? - There are so many of us out there with hundreds of photographs either collecting dust in boxes or albums, digital dust on our hard drives and not a clue of what to do with them....
Adobe Photoshop Seminar Survival Tips - After attending around a bazillion of these, I have come up with a seminar survival list. Seminar junkies will smile and I hope those who have not yet attended will be grateful...
Keeping Scanners in a Closed Loop - Don’t spend too much money on a flat bed or film scanner if your goal is to send files to an out lab service for printing...
Digital Camera Health Tips - Top 9 Tips to keep you digital camera in good working order...
Reformat Your Memory Card - If you are using a digital camera, it's a good idea to reformat your Memory Card after using it several times.
How Permanent is Your CD-R? - Image permanence for C D-R’s (Compact Disk Record able) is an area that is not well known or understood by the general consumer or by many photo labs.
The Digital Camera - The digital camera category covers a broad range of devices that use imaging chips--sensors or arrays--to capture a picture...

Traditional (film) Photography Subjects

The Differences Between Professional Films and General Picture-Taking Films - Kodak manufactures color negative films and color reversal films for professional applications and general use. It is important to understand the different characteristics of films with the "professional" designation and those without it.
Understanding TMAX Films - They have slightly less blue sensitivity than current films developed to have the sensitivity of the human eye, therefore, blues may be recorded slightly darker.
Advanced Photo System Features - This was a great idea. However, do to the popularity of digital cameras and the slow sales of film cameras, APS cameras are no longer made.
Copying in Color--A Difficult Photographic Task - Copying a color photograph to make a reproduction would appear to be a simple task, but unfortunately, it's not. Copying reflection color originals is one of the most challenging tasks you can encounter in color photography.
Suggestions for Taking Pictured of a Solar Eclipse - In 1979, I was fairly successful using 2 polarizing filters and a 4.00 ND on a very stable tripod with a 600mm lens and a 2X extender...

Photo Darkroom Subjects

Adding Color to a Black and White Photograph - Turn black-and-white photographs into colorful pictures by toning or hand-coloring.
Hand Tinting Photographic Prints - There are several mediums that can be used to color black and white photographic prints, for example, retouching pencils, dry-dyes, acrylics, oil paints, etc...
Contrast Control Mask - Have you ever wondered why that print will not match the transparency from which it was printed?
What you need to make Black and White prints - We are often asked this question. So, I've put together my recommendations for a basic Black & White Darkroom.
Dust, Dust - In your Darkroom and Camera - There is not much you can do about it because dust is everywhere. So you must learn how to spot your prints. That’s that little game that photographers play called filling in the dots.
How to Mix HC-110 Developer - For all of you who use KODAK's HC-110 you may or may not know that the concentrate keeps almost indefinitely if unmixed.

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Photo Studio Subjects

Basic Photo Studio Equipment - So, you want to set up a portrait studio in your home or office… We are often asked what is needed and how much it will cost. Here we will give you a good starting point...
Basic Portrait Studio Lighting Set-Up Guide - How to Set up lights in a Photo Studio...
I have a flash on my camera... Why would I need anything else? - The flash that is built in to most cameras today are fine for quick snapshots from 3 to about 10 feet away. This built in flash gives good (not great) results. I want my picture to look better than a snapshot?
Photographing Small Products - One thing that will help you make that eBay sale is to have a good picture of your product.

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